Create a Beautiful Landscape for Our Climate

Find out about our xeriscaping services in the Midland, TX area

While plenty of landscaping ideas involve plenty of plants and a carpet of grass, those results can be hard to produce in Texas. The dry climate in and around Midland, TX lends itself more to xeriscaping services.

Xeriscaping is a method of landscaping that works without irrigation. Grassfire Lawn and Landscaping, LLC uses it to design landscapes with:

  • Large rock decorations
  • Crushed granite rock beds
  • Native and drought-tolerant plants

We can also incorporate any of the plants already on your landscape that you want to keep. To talk through all the options, call 432-413-6288 right away.

How can you make your landscape less reliant on water?

How can you make your landscape less reliant on water?

You can replace or reduce landscape features that use the most water, like grass. You can also use crushed granite to prevent evaporation around your plants and help water seep down to their roots. Consult us right away to learn more about xeriscaping services and methods.